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Would not Jonas Grumby (AKA The Skipper) be THE Master of Gilligan?

I'm actually annoyed that I know The Skipper's given name.


Okay, I'm going to give a full report on the trip to Casa Subdivided tomorrow, which will include MY version of Dylan's Tangled Up in Blue which I have been recreating all weekend with my family. But let me say that I was delighted with the trip to the South Side, and the views of the great city. And I submit that Adam was not actually bored. He was talking up trolley lines and trains that he knows so well. He's Bob Jr. And Kate is Julie Jr. It's quite an amazing foursome! I was a bit hungover though, in the morning, and maybe not so talkative. But man o man, I'm so grateful to have a friend like Bob who knows exactly what I would be interested in and excited to see!

I still feel remorse though that I broke their toilet flusher handle and left the state without fixing it.


Bob and Joe, thanks for the heads up. The real question though is: Ginger or Marianne? And no, you can't have both.

Glad you guys had fun. When I read your post from last week I misread it (quickly) and thought you were running a marathon, Bob. Then I realized that probably wasn't true when I didn't see reports of excessively sweaty, gassy men passed out halfway through...(Sorry couldn't resist. Joe, I can't comment on your running - or sweating/gas - ability. Thankfully I only learned this about Bob through blogging and not firsthand.)

Ms. Caroline

I would have loved to see the Costello/Dylan/Lee concert. I'm glad Elvis didn't disappoint. I'm new to Amos Lee and I think he's great. How was he?


Frothy -- sadly, I too am wasting brain cells with the knowledge of The Skipper's real name. I can and do forget important dates, etc., but "Jonas Grumby" is with me always.

JK -- you'll likely be a little ashamed to know that the toilet that couldn't be fixed by a plumber's grandson WAS in fact fixed by a trolley driver's daughter.

Susan -- while in general I go more for the MaryAnn types, I have to confess...there's no way I'm passing up on a voluptuous redhead. No. Frikkin. Way. (That goes for Jessica Rabbit, too....)

And Ms. C. -- unfortunately, due to my poor planning skills regarding parking options, we missed Amos Lee. I haven't heard any of his stuff. I'll have to check him out.


Did I miss the new URL? I'm lost! Can't find you! Boo!

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